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Customer Benefits

So how can small repair shops like Eurostar compete with dealers on facilities? The short answer is: They can't. But since smaller shops like Eurostar incur far less overhead costs than dealer facilities, we can charge you less. Often a lot less.  Price stands out as the biggest advantage that Eurostar has over dealerships. Depending on your budget, that can outweigh any and all advantages the dealer has to offer. The overhead at dealer service departments — the nice facilities, trained technician, additional personnel and so on — translates into a higher labor rate per hour.   It isn't difficult to find a huge disparity in parts price markup as well. This means your total bill with a dealer could be significantly more than a small garage like Eurostar.

At dealerships, you're often just a number on a computer printout, and you most likely won't even meet the mechanic. Particularly at larger dealerships, you'll have no idea who is working on your car, what his experience is or if the same mechanic will ever work on your car again. Recommendations for the future will probably be confined to whatever is on the manufacturer's or the dealer's own maintenance schedule and will be made by a service advisor.

The one-on-one relationship between driver and your Eurostar mechanic foster can really help consumers have confidence in both the work that's performed and in the vehicle itself. Local mechanics versus dealerships are more willing to help you understand how your car performs and what it needs. You can ask to look under the hood or the chassis with your Eurostar mechanic, and perhaps learn something about what goes where or why a service needs to be performed.

Eurostar reports to no one but you. And since we are smaller, we depend on repeat business and word of mouth to keep a steady stream of customers. We know that a happy customer will tell a friend, but an unhappy one will tell 10 friends.

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